Twin-flame rock ‘n’ roll duo, Aline & Wes, are like a sonic hearth. Just as dual stars glowing in the dark night sky, the musicians blend the best of their musical essences to present a single-minded glow that lights everything in their wake. Powerful and thoughtful vocals mix with gravely electric guitars to bring forth an illuminated sound both new and numinous. It shines. 

The duo is comprised of Seattle mainstays Aline Vida and Wes Speight, who, separately, have made reputations for themselves in the Emerald City’s music scene. Vida, a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in L.A., has sung fluttering vocals in clubs all over the world and graced radio stations like KSER and KEXP in the Northwest. Her song, "Secrets and Lies," was featured on the Emmy-nominated television show, Justified. 

Speight, originally from Tennessee, is a pointed and gnarly vocalist as creative in his songwriting as he is in his instrumentations. Equal parts comfortable headlining a summer festival as he is playing a dive bar at 1 in the morning, Speight is a multi-talented musician and prolific songwriter who, on occasion, has world-famous artists paint Sasquatch portraits as he plays on the stage.

Together, their music brightens, evident from the band’s debut EP, Lavender Lemonade, and the duo's recent gigs at the Seattle Acoustic Festival and the beloved Hollow Earth radio station. Inspired by a desire to speak out about social injustices that seem as modern as they do timeless, Aline & Wes's four-song EP begins with the rousing “Work Is Never Done” and culminates with the empowering track, “The Constructs Of Time.” The record, available now, is a lit fuse.

Aline & Wes released their debut EP 11/15/19.
You can buy it on most digital platforms including iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.
You can also stream it on Spotify and Pandora.

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